Hey, I'm Kazi.

I’m a student at Carnegie Mellon University studying Statistics and Machine Learning. I design and build software that makes machine learning more accessible and understandable.

Currently, I’m a Full Stack Engineer at NOVID, building the next generation of tools to fight and prevent pandemics. I’m also a member of the Data Interaction Group conducting research on explainable machine learning.

Previously, I was an intern at Use All Five and IBM.

Selected Work


The first pre-exposure notification app and most accurate contact-tracing app in the world. ForbesTech Crunch.

Google News Initiative: Impact Report

The first impact report examining 2 years of work from the Google News Initiative. Blog PostTweet.

Google News Initiative: Reader Revenue

A curated program to help publishers accelerate their business growth. Blog PostTweet.

Silk Studio

A newly-formed brand design studio focused on naming, logo design and content strategy. Announcement.

UCLA Arts Commencement

The first-ever virtual commencement spun out from a rapid response of the COVID-19 pandemic. Highlights.


A way for citizens to contact their local representatives across all manners of political issues. Fast CompanyCase Study.

Personal Projects


A react hook for javascript scroll snapping with touch, mouse, and keyboard events.


A web experience that allows you to generate electronic music from your vocals.


A plugin for esbuild that enables importing *.svg files as React components.


An optical character recognition program that analyzes handwritten text to generate text in different writing styles.


A discord chatbot that provides a suite of commands ranging from server management to music controls.